Below are links to up to date memberships (as of the dated noted). If you would like an up to date list, need to know if your dues are current, or need to update your snail mail contact information please email the Membership Chair.

To upgrade your membership from "Affiliate" or "Student" to active please download an application.

Dues are due on an annual basis to the MAWS Treasurer and can be paid via the MAWS Store in the following categories:

Active Member - $25.00 annually

Must have practiced the profession of wetland science for at least 2 years (full time equivalent is approximately 100 weeks) and must possess a Baccalaureate degree with a minimum of 30 semester hours (credits) in multiple scientific disciplines such as ecology, biology, zoology, botany, pedology, hydrology, geology, and chemistry.

All applicants for active membership must be approved by the Membership Committee.  Active Members have voting privileges.  Only Active Members may serve on the Executive Committee or Chair standing committees.

Affiliate Membership - $15.00 annually

Open to any person with an interest in wetland science.  Do not have voting privileges.  Affiliate Members may be appointed to committees.

Student Membership - $10.00 annually

Open to college students pursuing a Baccalaureate, Master’s or Doctorate degree in a wetland-related field.  Applicant must provide the name of an adviser and a copy of a transcript or college ID as proof of student status.