2014 Vernal Pool Migration Reports

Vernal pool critter migration is nearly upon us. We've been hearing reports of critter movement in the greater Boston area and it will only be a matter of time before we're all scrambling to get out and count egg masses here in Maine. Similar to last year, please comment on this post as you have reports of activity. Please include the following:

Location (town name or region)

Date of sighting

Species observed (heard, seen, etc.)

Type of evidence of activity (adults on road, egg masses, spermatophores, etc.)

2013 Vernal Pool Activity

The vernal pool season is upon us, I am hearing sporadic reports that critters are beginning to make their way to the pools. To keep everyone in the loop on the progression of critter migration across the state, feel free to use the comment section of this post. Let everyone know what you are seeing and hearing out there!